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Salmon Leather & Swiss Zippers

Today was an exciting day: we finally received the salmon leather we ordered for our first collection! We discovered this new material at Le Cuir à Paris (the leather division of Première Vision) last February and immediately fell in love with it. Provided by Atlantic Leather, a small family run company in Iceland, fish leather is durable, supple and surprisingly stylish. It is also considered an environmentally sound material: as a by-product reclaimed from food-processing activities, it would otherwise end up as waste. Tanning and coloration processes both require a considerable amount of hot water and chemicals, but Atlantic Leather compensates by using geothermal hot water and closed-loop dye baths. Do we need to explain why we were so excited when they accepted to sponsor us?

Speaking of sponsors, Riri have also been very generous by sending us a bunch of custom-made zippers. Based in Switzerland, Riri produces high-quality zippers and buttons. It all started in 1923, when Swiss jurist Martin Othmar Winterhalter purchased the patent of a hand-crafted zip. He spent years studying and perfecting the shape of the teeth: convave and convex, or ‘rille und rippe’ in German, hence the acronym Riri. Famous for having invented the nylon pressure die-cast zipper, the company has since been a leader in innovative and high-tech components within the apparel industry. Adding the fact that they glide very easily while still being sturdy and look elegant, Antithesis is a proud user of what we think are the best zippers in the world!

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Work In Progress

As creative director, Renée has been experimenting with different shapes and fabrics to develop the first Antithesis collection. Using basic geometrical shapes, her aim is to create versatile garments that can be worn in many ways. For example, the garments shown can be worn in a a few different ways depending on the occasion. Some are made versatile via zippers, others have drawstrings or can be reversed allowing customers to adapt each garment to their own needs.

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