Commute Smart Week: Retrospective

It is a well known fact that the daily commute is often a daily drag and it can be all too easy to sometimes get lost in the routine monotony of it all that we forget to try and find both new ways of working & commuting! Looking back on our collaborations during Commute Smart Week it seems we learnt quite a few things on what commuting means and what it is like for different people. During our time spent working with the delightful Ceri Heathcote behind Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog and the lovely Susie Cole from Magnifeco we learnt that everybody’s travelling needs are different.

Susie looking great in the Rectangular coat!

Copy Producer Susie Cole spent her time throughout the week cycling into work wearing Antithesis clothing and it was great to hear that Susie thought  “the clothes were beautifully cut, they were tailored but not tight which meant they were easy to move in – a must if you’re cycling!”

The great thing about cycling is it has its health & wealth benefits, not only do you get fit but there’ll be no need to fork out a fortune for a gym membership. We lent Susie the Rectangular coat, Two piece blouse, Anti-blazer and The High waisted trouser which were all the perfect fit for office style!

Susie looked great in the pieces and we were more than happy to hear she was comfortable too! Susie also mentioned ” I find cycling helps to clear my mind” so if that isn’t enough reasons to give cycling a try for a week then I don’t know what is! Not only can you try something new for the week, but you can be sure to do it in style and comfort wearing Antithesis clothing!

Wearing the Anti-Blazer & Two-piece Blouse

Another lifestyle change Antithesis learnt to consider when thinking of ways to alter your commute is “Remote & Agile Working”. The Work Wise website largely promotes this kind of working during the Winter months as it can help reduce the stress that commuting to and from work can bring. Ceri Heathcote told us all about her week working from home in Antithesis clothing and told us all about how she juggles working from home.

Ceri working the Circular Parka

After being inspired to start her blog when on maternity leave Ceri mentioned that she “always loved fashion and it made sense to write about something that I was passionate about” and her blog has continued to be a success since. One of the positives of working from home that Ceri mentioned is “It saves lots of money as I don’t have to pay for the petrol and it fits well with my aim to live as sustainably as possible”.  Although Ceri did tell us that she misses the feeling of “being out and about and having a reason to get a bit dressed up” that commuting brings, it seems that overall Ceri enjoys working from home. We lent Ceri our more casual pieces such as the Circular Parka, Reversible knit and Knit piece for the week and from the pictures Ceri sent over it looks like she looked great whilst working from home!

The Reversible Overpiece

Whether or not you commute to/from work and whether or not you cycle in, use the car or the train, Antithesis clothing works for everyone despite your lifestyle needs. We hope that we’ve given you a few ideas on changing up your Commute and looking stylish as you do it!

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One thought on “Commute Smart Week: Retrospective

  1. […] I have posted about slow fashion brand, Antithesis before  but when they recently contacted me about a collaboration for Commute Smart Week, I was delighted to get involved and to find out a bit more about how their clothes work. I was sent a few of the more casual pieces from their collection to photograph and illustrate a piece about working from home. You can check out the full post on their blog here. […]

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