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Grids & Curves

This season we’re proud to be continuing our partnership with Alcantara to embellish our collection. Based in Italy, Alcantara is a high-end textile manufacturer producing unique and innovative materials. Offering a combination of sensory, aesthetic and functional values, their materials are made in complete respect for the environment whilst respecting ethical and social standards. For our second collection, we chose bright colours and contrasting geometrical and organic textures. Now playtime!

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Out of the Closet

That’s it, our Fall 2012 collection is finally ready! Without wanting to spoil the surprise, we thought we could allow you to get a quick peak into the Antithesis Wardrobe. Check out this space for the pictures of our editorial photoshoot coming up very soon!


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Sustainable Fashion: From Awareness to Action

Last week, we attended a panel discussion organised by five students from MA Fashion and the Environment course at the London College of Fashion. Chaired by the dynamic Tamsin Omond from the Suffragettes-inspired environmental action group Climate Rush, the event put forward five ethical fashion experts who were asked to comment upon various issues. Speakers included Amisha Ghadiali, writer of ’12 Rules to Dress by’, three representatives from the sustainable fashion collective Here Today Here Tomorrow and Environmental Justice Foundation‘s Rebecca Attwood.

During the evening it was mentioned that there are two different ways of achieving sustainability. The first option, which is probably the most well-known, is the choice of responsible materials and a transparent supply chain. Although a strategy with great potential, it is too often an extremely difficult path to take, due to the high costs and the reluctance of the fashion industry to change.

The second option is the education of consumers, whether is it through raising awareness, encouraging slower consumption and responsible labelling. Here at Antithesis we find this alternative much more promising. For example, did you know that up to 80% of the environmental impacts of your garments are caused by laundering? Wearing your clothes a few times before washing, choosing cold water cycles and banning tumble-drying are all small actions that have great repercussions. Want to do more? Spread the word!


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This Is Not Suede

For our first collection we are very happy to have partnered with Alcantara, an Italian manufacturer we met in Paris last February. Alcantara produces a unique, luxury and innovative covering material ressembling suede. Not only is it comfortable, light and breathable, it is also easy maintenance. The company shares many values with Antithesis: it is made locally and, since 2009, their production cycle is carbon neutral. We can’t wait to introduce it in our garments! For more info, visit Alcantara.

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